Request my Password

New Parents:
Please use the link to NetClassroom on the left navigation bar.  The login page you are currently on is for NetCommunity, which we are in the process of phasing out.  Thank you!

The login credentials you have received allow access to both this NetCommunity site (which contains live searchable directories and periodically-refreshed printable directories) and the NetClassroom site (from which you can access your child's schedule and grades and your billing statements), which can be accessed here or by using the link on the left side of this page. If you have questions about NetClassroom, please contact Van Kussrow. If you have questions about NetCommunity, please contact Travis Price.

If you were enrolled at Asheville School for at least one year, you have been pre-registered for our NetCommunity.  The pre-registered User ID for alumni is typically composed of last name, plus first initial, plus the last two digits of class year (doej94).   

If you do not know your password, and you have been receiving regular emails from Asheville School, please click on the Request My Password link above, enter your pre-registered User ID (see paragraph above) and an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address of record we have for you. If you have not been receiving emails from Asheville School, or if you have any difficulty logging in, please contact Travis Price, our Manager of Advancement Services, for assistance.  He can be reached at pricet@ashevilleschool.org  or by phone at 828-254-6345 x4027.